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New League champion, Camille, revealed in web comic

A sneaky cold-blooded killer with knives for legs? Sure, I’ll take it.

Riot Games

In a new comic on the League of Legends website titled “Camille: Severed Ties,” a new champion is revealed.

She looks like a stone-cold believer in justice, according to the comic. She mercilessly slays a criminal from Zaun in front of his beloved, feeling nothing at all while the girl cries in front of her.

Camille is most likely an assassin, as she’s seen using wires to hop around. Her main kit will have to do with her legs, which appear to be blades made with some kind of Piltover-based technology. (Hextech, perhaps?)

The lines on her face indicate that she may be more robotic than just her legs, but it’s unknown if she’s a cyborg or anything like that.

She seems to be more of a vigilante than an actual member of law enforcement, like Caitlyn and Vi, but we can’t confirm anything for sure.

As usual, this teaser has left us wanting more! We can expect a full reveal of Camille sometime in the incoming weeks, but for now, we’ll have to settle with rereading the comic over and over again.