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New Unlocked figures featuring Vi, Katarina and Ashe are available

Figures are hard to make, but these don’t look too bad.

Riot Games

A new style of League of Legends figures have been revealed. The Unlocked series, which features Ashe, Vi and Katarina, is $65 per figure and they feature a more cartoon-y style than previous figures.

In the past, we’ve seen the Yasuo figma collaboration with Good Smile Company, the more detailed statues of Thresh, Ziggs, Caitlyn and Twisted Fate, along with the mini figures of many characters. The Unlocked figures are kind of a bridge between the latter.

Riot Games

The figures are a blockier and much less detailed than the regular statues and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even simplified, there are lovable details on each figure; Ashe has a cool transparent bow and arrows to give an icy vibe, Katarina has her frequently-missing tattoo and Vi’s gauntlets are pretty on point. The characters’ armor and designs are also spot on. (Except for the beautiful engravings that are normally on Katarina’s blades.)

Each figure also comes on a nice stand that fits their theme, instead of just a basic black or clear circle.

The price point isn’t awful for what you’re getting, but the one thing that I cannot figure out is if those faces look bad or not. Riot has this tendency to give all their female statues these awful full-eyeliner eyes. It looks okay on Katarina and Vi, since they have more of a edgy-punk vibe in their designs, but Ashe looks...awkward?

I went ahead and photoshopped a version (on the left) of Ashe without the full-eye eyeliner, and I personally think she looks way better.