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Nidalee win rate plummets after nerfs

The best Nidalee players are still doing juuust fine, though.

Riot Games

Nidalee’s been a ridiculously strong jungler for a long time, dominating high-elo play and the competitive scene all season thanks to her top-tier clear speed, mobility and the poke and sustain she provides in team fights. She received some nerfs in Patch 6.21, and her win rate has seen a big dip since.

According to’s statistics of ranked games platinum and above, Nidalee’s win rate dropped from 50.77 percent to 46.19 percent. She now ranks 43rd out of 47 junglers listed.

What was changed? Well, her heal in Human form was nerfed, changing it so it heals based on missing health instead of a flat heal rate. All of her cooldowns in Cougar form were also increased by one second.

Now before you think the Nidalee problem has been fixed, there’s one thing left for you to see. The best players are still dominating on her, leading to this Azir-like curve: