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Miss Fortune support sees play rate spike after Worlds appearances

The win rate ... it is not good.

Riot Games

Three times in the Worlds semifinals, a team pulled out Miss Fortune support. Three times, it won. When you see a totally surprising pick like that succeed on the biggest stage, it’s no surprise when regular players in solo queue start spamming it as well.

That’s exactly what has happened in solo queue this past week.

And when it’s a niche pick like Miss Fortune support that only works in one specific situation (against Zyra and with an AD Carry with crowd control), you can expect it to go poorly. According to’s statistics of ranked games Platinum and above, Miss Fortune has the lowest win rate of any of the 26 supports listed, at 43.23 percent.

MF support had previously not been played enough to even make’s list of supports, but the exposure from Worlds rose the play rate from 0.04 percent to 2.04 percent.

The most common build for Miss Fortune support is the one we saw at Worlds: start with Frost Queen’s Claim, build Sightstone and boots and then immediately Executioner’s Culling into Armor Penetration items.

Thunderlord’s Decree is the Keystone Mastery you want to run, for the synergy with her E on early poke in lane.

The runes are the part that may trip most people up — you’re building attack damage eventually on Miss Fortune support, but a lot of your early power will be magic damage from her E, so AP glyphs and Hybrid Pen marks are crucial.