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The Season 6 ranked reward icons are extremely shiny

Brag about your rank using these cool icons.

The summoner icons given as a ranked reward have been revealed on the public beta environment. The icons are given out every year as a reward and they reflect the rank you are at the end of the season. Unlike the Victorious skin, you don’t have to be gold or higher to receive a reward.


The icons are very shiny and they carry over the similar color schemes as the ranked borders given out last year. Each icon is split up by tier, and ranked queue type. The single triangle is for Dynamic Queue, the three shapes is for Ranked 3s and the five shapes is for Ranked 5s.

Challenger tier icons have special decorations for the higher the player is up on the ladder at the end of the season. It hasn’t been confirmed exactly what the Challenger requirements are for the super-fancy icons yet.

The season sends on November 9th, so you better hop on that ranked grind if you haven’t already. We all know you are not going to want to wear that Bronze icon with pride.