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The 2017 League of Legends season is starting earlier than usual

You won’t have to wait long for Season 7 to start.

Riot Games

Each year is a new season in League of Legends, with major changes to the game implemented in the preseason. We’ve known for a while what many of those changes may be, but Tuesday we also found out when they will be implemented.

Season 6 will draw to a close on November 7, while Season 7 will begin on December 7, according to a 2017 season site launched by Riot Tuesday. If you visit that site, you can also see many of the upcoming changes. That gives about a month of preseason time to test out the new changes.

The ranked season will start with the release of Patch 6.24. For more on this year’s ranked system, click here.

In seasons past, the new season has typically started after the new year. This earlier start date will allow you to start climbing earlier, and will also allow competitive teams more time to practice with the changes before their seasons start.

During the preseason, you can play ranked, but it will not impact your season rewards (those games do, however, impact your MMR). All players’ positions on the ranked ladder are reset at the beginning of the season.