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League players who hit Challenger will get these sweet jackets

Welp. I’ll never have one of these, but I can dream, I guess.

Riot Games

When teasing the return of Solo Queue months ago, Riot also teased that Challenger players who keep their rank at the end of the season will receive a physical reward. That reward, announced Thursday, is a nice bomber jacket, and a medallion for anyone who is in the top 10.

The number one team for Ranked 5s and 3s will receive medals and the top five teams for those ladders will receive jackets.

Anyone who has multiple accounts in Challenger WILL receive multiple rewards, but you’ll only get one reward per account. So if somebody has a Ranked 5s Challenger team and is Challenger on the solo queue ladder, that person will only get one. If that person has another account that is also in Challenger for solo queue, they will receive two.

The jackets will be expected to arrive to players at the end of Spring 2017. Accounts that don’t pass a negative behavior screening while not receive rewards.