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‘Spray and Pray’ returns as the name of Twitch’s ultimate ability

Pew pew pew!

Riot Games

Recently, Riot has polled Twitch players asking what they thought about the name of his ultimate ability. Following the results of the poll, Twitch’s ultimate name will be reverted to what it originally was: “Spray and Pray.”

After Twitch’s rework in patch 4.6, his ultimate ability’s name changed from “Spray and Pray” to “Rat-at-tat-tat.” Twitch players immediately protested, saying that Spray and Pray was the original, and the function of the ultimate didn’t really change.

Riot Meddler noted that while opinion on the name itself was split, the most passionate players about the name far preferred the old one.

From what we've seen overall however players who care a lot about the ult's name tend to prefer 'Spray and Pray' noticeably more often though. 'Spray and Pray' is also still really frequently used as a name, sometimes even by players who never played old Twitch. Thematically, while it does have a bit of oddness as a name (wild machine gun firing isn't a perfect fit for how the skill functions) it does still evoke the whole 'rapidly shooting many targets all at once' of Twitch ult pretty well.

- Meddler on the forums

Riot is looking into possibly changing it so if you use Twitch’s Gangster skin, the ultimate will be called “Rat-at-tat-tat” to match the sound effect his tommy gun makes. Otherwise, the ability is back to being called “Spray and Pray.” Twitch mains, rejoice! We did it!