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Preseason jungle changes include the introduction of ‘plants’

What are plants? What do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out!

The 2016 Chelsea Flower Show Opens To The Public Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

As Worlds continues to draw closer and closer to a conclusion, we approach the start of the 2017 preseason in League of Legends. We already know some details about the upcoming changes to Season 7: the assassin rework, the removal of Aegis of the Legion, etc., but a new post on the League of Legends website Wednesday gave us a little bit more info.

Emphasis on a little bit.

Changes are coming to the jungle in the form of “interactive plants,” which is a thing that is coming to the game but we have no idea what that means or what these plants will do. The only hint we have is that’s it’s within the context of balancing smiting camps, which became much more straightforward (in terms of which camp to smite when) than expected.

Here’s what Rioter Gentleman Gustaf said in the post:

We’re introducing interactive plants into the game and spawning them with some degree of variance. These plants should give junglers - and to some degree, other players - impactful decisions to make, without tying those choices to Smite.

Other changes mentioned in the post include the addition of other protective items coming to replace Aegis and give more options there, as well as more variance in jungle camps and additional options in the mastery trees.