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Ivern hot-fixed after opening with abysmally low win rate

Even by new champion release standards, that’s bad.

Riot Games

League of Legends’ latest champion Ivern has been live for a few days now following the release of Patch 6.20, which means it’s time to check out his win rate and see how the ol’ tree is hanging in there. The answer: not great, and in fact, really really bad.

It’s fairly normal for new champions or champions that just had major reworks to have poor win rates, even south of 45 of 40 percent. New champions, especially ones with more complicated kits like Ivern’s, take a while to get used to, and that applies both to the players playing them and the other players on their team.

But for Ivern, the win rate is even lower than usual. He’s currently sitting at a 32.72 percent win rate in the jungle in ranked games at platinum and above (48th out of 48 junglers), and his support win rate of 34.03 percent isn’t much better (25 out of 25).

Here are the changes that have been shipped since the release of Patch 6.20:



MAGIC RESIST 30 ⇒ 32.1

ATTACK SPEED 0.625 ⇒ 0.644


For reference on two recent champion releases: Taliyah opened with a win rate around 34 percent before a hot fix (she’s now at 47.62 percent), while Kled opened at a significantly higher (but still low) 43.64 percent (he’s now at 50.07 percent).

In terms of the build used most frequently on Ivern, it seems most people are favoring the magic damage-based Runic Echoes jungle enchantment, with Hextech Protobelt, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and other AP items in the build. Strength of the Ages, a common Keystone Mastery for junglers, has also been the popular choice for him.

For how to play Ivern and actually win, make sure to check out our guide.