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A fan remade Summoner’s Rift in The Sims 4

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship anthem, ‘Phoenix,’ is here

Riot Games partners with Louis Vuitton for League of Legends designs

New League of Legends logo, player numbers, and 10th anniversary stream announced

League of Legends has nearly 8 million peak daily concurrent players globally, says Riot

Star Guardian Zoe emerges from a purple portal and attempts to corrupt Neeko while floating just behind her

Zoe is the corrupting heroes in the latest Star Guardians animated short

Riot Games and Tencent are reportedly working on a League of Legends mobile game

Looking back on The Simpsons’ Riot-aided esports episode

LCS shoutcaster Phreak to cameo in upcoming esports episode of The Simpsons

Lux and Zed are also getting Marvel comics

League’s new anime short is inspiring and adorable

League’s newest cinematic, ‘Awaken,’ features Camille, Jhin, and more

The first issue of Ashe: Warmother is out now

Sneaky and Bang cosplay Xayah together at the 2018 All-Star event

League at The Game Awards: Cloud9, Sjokz and Reapered take home wins

You can now buy an official K/DA Akali mask

How to watch the Tyler1 Championship Series Finals

Neeko revealed to be League’s first openly LGBTQ champion

K/DA’s Pop/Stars tops the Billboard chart for World Digital Song Sales

Fan artists are making really good K/DA content

Worlds 2018 Opening Ceremony to feature members from K-pop groups iKon and (G)I-dle

RISE is the newest Worlds theme song

New League ads celebrate your average player (update)

Riot Games introduces League partner program for content creators

Special Dark Star Cho’Gath skin raises over $6.1 million for charity

Legal Legends is the League courtroom spin-off we needed

Meddler is now the design director for League of Legends, Ghostcrawler takes on new role at Riot

Meteos was a fantastic addition to the analyst desk

The 2018 EU LCS Summer Split Finals are heading to Madrid

Here’s why Riot cancelled the opening weekend of Clash

Clash has been delayed a day in EUW, EUNE and OCE (update: Clash has been cancelled for NA)

How pros prep in the 72 hours before finals