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The 5 League of Legends series you should watch in Week 5 of pro play

NA starts rematches while EU’s best go head to head.

Riot Games

As we near the half-way mark of the 2017 Spring Split, things have started to become a little more clear. We know who the best teams are in three different regions, and competition is starting to heat up in the LPL. That also means we move into the weeks that give us a few great match ups and a few more predictable ones.

Thankfully this week, the good match-ups should be fantastic to watch:

SK Telecom (6-1) vs Samsung Galaxy (4-2)

When: Thursday, February 16 at 3 a.m. Eastern

How: LCK1

Why: SK Telecom took a pretty significant fall in week 4, dropping their first series of the year to Afreeca Freecs. Meanwhile Samsung fell to new world number one KT Rolster, who played an almost perfect series. With both teams suffering losses, it means that this will be the perfect series to determine the true second best team in the world.

G2 Esports (6-0) vs Unicorns of Love (5-0)

When: Thursday, February 16 at 11 a.m. Eastern


Why: We got a preview of this match when G2 played H2K, but now we are finally ready for the main event. These two are likely the best teams in all of EU right now and seeing them go head-to-head will be a treat for anyone who enjoys the region. Alongside that, Unicorns of Love are often at the forefront of new pick and ban strategies, and what better moment to bring those out then in a battle for the region’s top spot?

Edward Gaming (3-1) vs QG Reapers (3-0)

When: Saturday, February 18 at 3 a.m. Eastern

How: LPL1

Why: The LPL had a few surprising results last week including a shake-up at the top of the standings with favorite IMay falling twice. That means the league has two new leaders, and it just so happens they face off this week. With the volatility of the Chinese region so far this year, alongside the fact that they have only played 2 full weeks, it’s almost impossible to say for sure which way this match might go, making it even more fun to watch.

FlyQuest (6-2) vs Team SoloMid (6-2)

When: Sunday, February 19 at 3 p.m. Eastern


Why: Despite all pre-season expectations, FlyQuest is the second best team in the NA LCS coming out of week 2. They have only lost two series, one a fluke, and the other a nail biter against the league’s best team. The closest team on their heals, however, is a TSM roster that is still working out it’s flaws, and seems to look better and better every week. This should provide for them the perfect measuring stick of how far they have come, and how far they still have to go.

Phoenix1 (4-4) vs Cloud9 (8-0)

When: Sunday, February 19 at 6 p.m. Eastern


Why: Cloud9’s kryptonite is their early game. Three last week we saw them give up large leads early only to come back and win, twice without a gold lead. If there is any team that can capitalize on that flaw it’s Phoenix1. On the other side, P1 are coming off a disappointing weekend in which they were winless. This combination could prove to be just right for Cloud9 to be handed their first loss of the split.