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Fantasy LCS: Moon, Hai lead top performers through Week 2

Plus, some tips on players who are probably available in your league.

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Through two weeks of LCS play, there have been plenty of surprises. FlyQuest and Phoenix1 look like two of the best teams in North America, while Team Liquid, Counter Logic gaming and Immortals flounder towards the bottom of the standings. Even Echo Fox looks good! Europe’s been a little more straightforward, but the Unicorns of Love and Misfits have impressed while Splyce has struggled to find its footing.

All of this has had an impact on fantasy LCS as well. With Europe’s switch to a completely new format and schedule, European players are much less valuable most weeks, as only a few teams play multiple games in any given week (every North American team plays two series).

As a result, most of the top scorers in Fantasy LCS have come from North America. Two of the top three (No. 1 Hai and No. 3 Moon) come from FlyQuest, the unexpected success story. But if you look at points per game, Europe starts to fare more favorably — you just have to pay close attention to the schedules before setting your lineup.

Position-by-position, here’s who is leading the scoreboards and who you should consider picking up for the week ahead.


Most total points

Hauntzer, TSM: 151.95, 11 games

Balls, FLY: 150.94, 10 games

Vizicsacsi, UOL: 145.39, 7 games

Lourlo, TL: 144.83, 10 games

Zig, P1: 143.50, 9 games

Points per game

Vizicsacsi, UOL: 24.23

Odoamne, H2K: 21.11

Impact, C9: 19.56

Expect, G2: 19.51

Hauntzer, TSM: 18.99

Week 3 suggestions:

Riot Games

Zig, P1 (vs. IMT/TSM): owned in 38.4% of leagues, 17.94 points per game

Soaz, FNC (vs. MSF/ROC): owned in 34.5% of leagues, 12.84 points per game

Seraph, NV (vs. TL/C9): owned in 44.0% of leagues, 15.87 points per game


Most total points

Moon, FLY: 181.49, 10 games

Contractz, C9: 159.13, 10 games

Inori, P1: 151.98, 9 games

Svenskeren, TSM: 144.10, 11 games

Akaadian, FOX: 143.63, 11 games

Points per game

Moon, FLY: 22.69

Jankos, H2K: 21.22

Xerxe, UOL: 20.20

Contractz, C9: 19.89

Inori, P1: 19.00

Week 3 suggestions:

Riot Games

Akaadian, FOX (vs. TL/C9): owned in 47.0% of leagues, 17.95 points per game

Lira, NV (vs. TL/C9): owned in 30.2% of leagues, 15.00 points per game

Amazingx, FNC (vs. MSF/ROC): owned in 26.7% of leagues, 11.95 points per game


Most total points

Hai, FLY: 183.39, 10 games

Bjergsen, TSM: 167.09, 11 games

Jensen, C9: 164.89, 10 games

Froggen, FOX: 155.67, 11 games

Huhi, CLG: 154.53, 9 games

Points per game

Hai, FLY: 22.82

Exileh, UOL: 22.34

Febiven, H2K: 21.23

Perkz, G2: 21.16

Bjergsen, TSM: 20.89

Week 3 suggestions:

Riot Games

Caps, FNC (vs. MSF/ROC): owned in 55.7% of leagues, 15.43 points per game

Goldenglue, TL (vs. NV/FOX), owned in 14.8% of leagues, 16.47 points per game

Sencux, SPY (vs. UOL/OG): owned in 44.8% of leagues, 11.22 points per game


Most total points

Stixxay, CLG: 182.71, 9 games

Altec, FLY: 161.46, 10 games

Arrow, P1: 149.89, 9 games

WildTurtle, TSM: 149.20, 11 games

Apollo, NV: 147.99, 9 games

Points per game

Stixxay, CLG: 22.84

Altec, FLY: 20.16

Samux, UOL: 19.86

Zven, G2: 19.67

Nuclear, H2K: 19.58

Week 3 suggestions:

Riot Games

Apollo, NV (vs. TL/C9): owned in 42.9% of leagues, 18.50 points per game

Keith, FOX (vs. TL/C9): owned in 34.1% of leagues, 15.71 points per game

Kobbe, SPY (vs. UOL/OG): owned in 40.2% of leagues, 11.00 points per game


Most total points

Biofrost, TSM: 138.24, 11 games

LemonNation, FLY: 133.21, 10 games

Adrian, P1: 124.75, 9 games

Smoothie, C9: 120.78, 10 games

Matt, TL: 112.61, 10 games

Gate, FOX : 112.61, 11 games

Points per game

Biofrost, TSM: 17.28

LemonNation, FLY: 16.65

Adrian, P1: 15.59

Ignar, MSF: 15.46

Chei, H2K: 15.38

Week 3 suggestions:

Riot Games

Gate, FOX (vs. TL/C9): owned in 27.0% of leagues, 14.08 points per game

Mikyx, SPY (vs. UOL/OG): owned in 20.2% of leagues, 11.80 points per game

Hakuho, NV (vs. TL/C9): owned in 23.9% of leagues, 12.94 points per game


Most total points

Phoenix1: 127, 9 games

Flyquest: 114, 10 games

Cloud9: 111, 10 games

Echo Fox: 104, 11 games

Team Dignitas: 104, 12 games

Points per game

H2K: 16.83

G2: 16.67

Phoenix1: 15.88

Misfits: 14.67

Flyquest: 14.25

Week 3 suggestions:

Riot Games

Phoenix1 (vs. IMT/TSM): owned in 46.9% of leagues, 15.88 points per game

Echo Fox (vs. TL/C9): owned in 10.8% of leagues, 13.00 per game

Fnatic (vs. MSF/ROC): owned in 28.4% of leagues, 11.50 per game