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Team-branded in-game content is coming to League of Legends

Portions of the funds raised from the content will go to the teams!

Riot Games

Riot in making some big changes, including what in-game content funds the esports scene. The company noted that some of the money from Challenger and Championship skins will go towards the prize pools for the Mid-Season Invitation and the World Championships.

In addition to this, Riot noted that there will be more in-game content added to support your favorite teams.

Next year, we’ll be introducing new revenue sharing opportunities, such as team-branded in-game items and esports promotions, as well as improving revenue sharing on summoner icons (World icons increasing from 20-30% and regional league increasing as determined by each league). We believe the potential for revenue is extremely strong for committed teams building strong brands - but given that these are new and untested products and we’re looking to address an immediate gap in team revenue, in 2017 each league will set aside a guaranteed minimum to each of its teams as it determines appropriate based on regional needs.

- Riot’s post on the upcoming changes

There’s no saying what this content will include, but we can probably expect things like ward skins and maybe chroma packs! We know skins are reserved for World Champions, so it’s unlikely that Riot would give those to teams for no reason.

Other options could include bundles with pro-favorite champions and skins. Riot could even be unleashing a new type of cosmetic that we haven’t seen before.

Whatever the new loot is, we’re excited for it.