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No. 1 player on NA ladder rejected from Scouting Grounds due to toxicity

One of the top prospects in North America did not pass the behavior test and will not be participating in the event.

Riot Games

Back in August, Riot Games announced a new event called Scouting Grounds in North America this November, bringing top prospects from the solo queue ladder to Los Angeles to play in front of pro teams for a chance at a professional contract. The top four highest-ranked players at each position would be invited, with the following requirements:

You must respond to the survey when it’s sent out in October.

You must be 16 years of age by the start of the Challenger Series 2017 spring split.

You’re very interested in playing LoL professionally.

You have not played in more than 2 professional LoL matches in any league.

You cannot be under contract by any professional team including Challenger teams at the time invites go out.

You’re a North American resident as determined by the Interregional Movement Policy.

You can pass a player behavior check, similar to what Challenger and LCS players must pass. This check includes a review of in-game behavior, Terms of Service violations, and looks at previous bans or suspensions.

That last requirement ended up being a problem for at least one player. With the announcement of such an event, eyes turned to some of the top prospects on NA’s Challenger ladder, including jungler Tarzaned, currently the No. 1 player in the region.

But despite his announced interest in the event, Tarzaned will not be able to attend as he failed his player behavior check due to consistent toxicity in-game and on social media. It is a shame that one of the top prospects in the region is unable to compete, especially with the low level of jungle talent in the region, but hopefully the player uses this as an opportunity to mature and stop using slurs and other attacks in-game and in-life.

NA Scouting Grounds starts November 13. VODs will be available for all matches after the event concludes.