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Here are your 2016 League of Legends All-Stars

The NA team is Impact-Reignover-Bjergsen-Doublelift-Aprhomoo ... Pogchamp.

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This year’s League of Legends All-Star Event will take place in December in Barcelona, Spain, with Team Fire (Korea’s LCK, Taiwan’s LMS and the North American LCS) squaring off against Team Ice (China’s LPL, the European LCS and an International Wild Card team). It’s usually a fun event, with exhibition matches, a 1 v. 1 tournament (which was clearly the highlight of last year’s event) and more.

After a few weeks of voting, we finally know who will be competing. Voters were limited to picking no more than two players from any one team, which explains why there aren’t four or five players from SKT on the LCK squad. The percentages in parentheses are the percentage of votes received among players at that position in that region.

Team Fire


Top: Smeb (56.5%)

Jungle: Bengi (46.3%)

Mid: Faker (82.6%)

ADC: PraY (51.9%)

Support: Madlife (47.4%)


Top: Ziv (66.1%)

Jungle: Karsa (49%)

Mid: Maple (48.6%)

ADC: Bebe (56.1%)

Support: Albis (43.4%)


Top: Impact (41.7%)

Jungle: Reignover (36%)

Mid: Bjergsen (66%)

ADC: Doublelift (35%)

Support: Aphromoo (55.3%)

Team Ice


Top: sOAZ (23.3%)

Jungle: Jankos (38.3%)

Mid: xPeke (35.2%)

ADC: Rekkles (43.1%)

Support: Mithy* (18.1%)

*Mithy replaces Yellowstar (34.7%), who declined to participate.


Top: Mouse (24.3%)

Jungle: Clearlove (49.6%)

Mid: We1less (27.4%)

ADC: Uzi (51%)

Support: Mata (34.5%)


To be determined from regional teams.