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Ivern won his competitive debut in convincing fashion

He was banned the next game, naturally.

Riot Games

While Worlds was played on Patch 6.18 over the past month, the rest of competitive League of Legends has charged forward on the more recent patches. That includes the IEM Challenger tournament this weekend in Paris, decided the four Wildcard teams that will be participating in IEM Oakland and IEM Gyeonggi over the next two months.

You probably have two questions! 1) Yes, there has been competitive League going on besides Worlds, even while Worlds was going on. And 2) Yes, Ivern was most certainly played.

Vega Squadron, a LCL team led by former Moscow Five support Edward Abgaryan (previously known as “Gosu Pepper”) pulled out the Ivern Monday in the Loser’s bracket match again Saigon Jokers. Vega Squadron dominated with the pick, winning 22-4 in 28 minutes thanks to in large part due to jungler Nikolai “Zanzarah” Akatov’s 1/0/15 performance on the champion.

You can watch the whole match here:

In Game 2, Saigon Jokers banned Ivern. Vega Squadron won anyway, qualifying for IEM Gyeonggi along with Turkish team Dark Passage.

Ivern’s win rate has been rising rapidly as players have begun to learn just how to play one of the most innovative champions ever released in League of Legends.