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IEM Challenger schedule, format and bracket

The Worlds finals aren’t the only LoL Esports event this weekend.

Riot Games

Worlds has not yet finished, but it’s already IEM season in competitive League of Legends. It all kicks off this weekend at Paris Games Week with IEM Challenger, an International Wildcard Qualifier for this year’s events in Oakland and Gyeonggi.

The IEM circuit is the biggest international League of Legends event not sponsored by Riot, and will include some of the top teams across the world. This weekend in Paris, eight IWC teams (teams that are not from one of the five major regions) will be fighting for four spots at IEM.

This year’s Worlds was a banner showing for the Wildcard teams. Brazil’s INTZ e-Sports kicked off the tournament with a bang by taking down Chinese champions EDward Gaming, and Russia’s Albus NoX Luna became the first Wildcard team to ever make it to the quarterfinal round at the tournament. Albus NoX will not be at IEM Challenger (Russia’s representative will be Vega Squadron), but INTZ will.

If you’re in the US, the games will be starting very early in the morning (or very late at night, depending on your perspective), but it should be some good action. The tournament will be a double elimination, best-of-three bracket, with the top two teams in each group advancing to one of the IEM qualifiers.

Here are the teams fighting it out. You will be able to watch the games on Twitch. We will update with a full schedule when it becomes available.

October 28-29 starting at 2:30AM EST

  • Four IWC teams will fight for two spots at IEM Oakland.
  • Latin America North: Lyon Gaming
  • Latin America South: Kaos Latin Gamers
  • Brazil: INTZ e-Sports
  • Oceania: The Chiefs eSports Club

October 30-31 starting at 2:30AM EST

  • Four IWC teams will fight for two spots at IEM Gyeonggi.
  • Southeast Asia: Saigon Jokers
  • Turkey: Dark Passage
  • Japan: Rampage
  • Commonwealth of Independent States: Vega Squadron