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League of Legends has nearly 8 million peak daily concurrent players globally, says Riot

That’s a lot of people

Vi takes on a Blue Buff in the jungle Riot Games

League of Legends is about to celebrate its 10th birthday and Riot’s throwing a super special stream-party to celebrate. The stream was announced in a post on Tuesday morning, that also came with some other interesting news: according to Riot, League of Legends has nearly 8 million concurrent players every day around the world.

Riot says that this number is taken from the average daily peak concurrent users for all Riot, Tencent, and Garena regions during the month of August. This number comes to us directly from Riot, with no real way to verify it. However, since League is an extremely popular game in China, it isn’t too surprising that the number would be this high.

Riot’s announcement points out that this makes League of Legends the most played PC game in the world. The last time Riot officially gave a player number it was 100 million a month, back in 2016. While this number is obviously given to us in a completely different format, it seems possible that the game has grown significantly since then.