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Team Liquid reveals Marvel partnership with Avengers esports jerseys

(insert “most ambitious crossover” joke here)

Team Liquid

At the 2019 Rift Rivals tournament between North America and Europe, Team Liquid revealed their newest partner: Marvel Entertainment.

The organization’s League of Legends team got on stage in new jerseys based off of Captain America. While it’s normal for teams to have special, patriotic jerseys during this tourney, this is certainly a first for any esports organization.

Team Liquid is partnering with Marvel to produce more jerseys, including one based off of Iron Man and another based on the Quantum Realm uniforms that the Avengers wear in Avengers: Endgame. All three of these jerseys can be bought with Team Liquid’s signed player’s gamertags on the back, or a custom name. There’s also a t-shirt that combines both company’s logos.

This is just the beginning for Marvel and Team Liquid’s collaborations. More merchandise and content crossovers will happen over coming months, according to a press e-mail.

All four of the shirts are purchasable from Team Liquid’s store here. Check out the gallery below for more photos of the collaboration.