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Teamfight Tactics releases on live servers in North America on June 26

The game will have a staggered release across regions

Riot Games

Patch 9.13 is on the horizon, and Teamfight Tactics is coming with it. Riot Games will be rolling out the autobattler game mode throughout regions, as it normally does when it launches big, high-trafficking updates.

The new game mode will launch on the following schedule:

  • June 25: OCE, JP
  • Morning of June 26: NA
  • Evening of June 26: TR, RU, EUNE/EUW
  • June 27: TH, PH, SG, KR, VN, TW
  • June 28: BR, LAN, LAS

To help alleviate the server load, Riot will be disabling Practice Tool for a while and server transfers until July 1. Custom games will also have to have 10 players in them.

The following week, NA, EUW/EUNE, KR, VN, TW, LAN, and LAS will all have the missions hub activated, which allows players to earn free Little Legends, map skins, and more. Note that any games played before this launches will not earn free loot.

Note that Teamfight Tactics will still be in beta and that means that you can likely expect bugs to show up in your games. Riot will also be actively patching and trying to fix the game as its on live servers.