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How to know when you should level up, reroll, or save gold in Teamfight Tactics

Gold is the most important thing in Teamfight Tactics, this is how you should use it

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Learning what to do with your gold is the most important parts of Teamfight Tactics.

Gold is the path to leveling up, buying units, rerolling for more unit options, and even earning more gold. But with all of these options available it’s often difficult to know how you should be using your gold in any given round. Unfortunately, no one can tell you which round you should do what in Teamfight Tactics. But we can answer a few questions and give you some ideas on how to make those decisions yourself.

What should I do in the early game?

The question of what to do in the early rounds is tricky because most of the time the answer is: nothing. Your main priority during these early rounds is to build up some gold and start collecting interest, so focus on that.

Buy only the units you’re confident can form the foundation of a good composition. If the game gives you two Warwicks at round two, suddenly you’ve got the basics of a Wild team and you’re off to the races. Don’t worry about rerolling during these rounds. You don’t know what your comp will look like a few turns from now, so you don’t need anything specific yet.

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As far as leveling up goes, it can be a good idea to level if you have the gold and you’re only four XP away from the next level. In the grand scheme of things these levels won’t help you that much, but they’ll certainly help you win your first few rounds and should give you a health advantage early in the game.

When should I reroll?

You should reroll anytime you are looking for something specific to complete a composition or a champion. If you’re one Kha’Zix away from getting a tier 3 Kha’Zix, that’s the time to reroll. In the later stages of the game, prioritizing rerolls over levels is something you should do when you have a good team and your main focus is upgrading them.

For instance, if you have a team of Nidalee, Shyvanna, Gnar, Warwick, Ahri and Aurelion Sol. You’re main goal should be getting upgrades for those units because you already have the Wild and Shapeshifter bonuses. Reroll until you can get those units to tier three, and only worry about leveling if you get something like a Karthus — who would give you the Sorcerer bonus as well.

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One important thing to remember about rerolling is that you don’t want to use all your gold on it. You’ll still want to keep somewhere around 20 or 30 gold in reserve just to make sure you’re still gaining interest — unless you’re almost out of health and have to go all or nothing in hopes of upgrading your comp.

When should I level?

Later in the game, the deciding when to level can be very important, because leveling up isn’t cheap. The decision to level should always be based on what your composition needs, and what you need to survive. If your composition has lots of low tier units that aren’t getting upgrades soon, then you should consider spending your gold on levels rather than rerolls. That way you can start winning rounds based on simply having more units than you opponent.

If you have six units out on the board, and only two bonuses that don’t stack particularly well, like Gunslinger and Brawler, then it’s probably time to start leveling up. This will allow you to place more units on the field, which could overwhelm your opponents, and it will let you see more high-rarity units in each draw you get. If you’re a higher level earlier in the game, you may be able to build a strong composition around a tier two Legendary unit that could help give your team some direction.

Once again, just like with rerolling, it’s important that you don’t spend all of your gold unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you think you’re going to need to level up to seven or eight then you’ll want to save up some gold so that you can still get interest after you’ve leveled.