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Dunkmaster Ivern gives Daisy a spot on the team

Ivern is a tall guy, afterall

Riot Games via Surrender@20

Ivern is finally getting a new skin and he’s joining the Dunkmaster team.

Riot Games shared the first look at Dunkmaster Ivern on the League of Legends Instagram account this morning and the goofy tree man looks so silly and fun in his basketball uniform.

Riot Games

Daisy even gets to join the team! After all, she’s the one who does most of the dunking in Ivern’s kit. Her uniform has various daisies on it, too, which is a cute touch.

Riot Games

This is Ivern’s first skin since his release in October 2016. Fans have eagerly been awaiting his next skin and Dunkmaster doesn’t disappoint. He can now match with Darius, which ... doesn’t seem like that great of a pairing, but maybe they can be friends (or rivals).

The skin should move to the Public Beta Environment for testing soon, with a launch in patch 9.7.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.