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Ultra Rapid Fire is returning with champion select

No ARURF this time

Urf the manatee holds up his golden spatula on a gold, decorated pedastal Riot Games

The Ultra Rapid Fire game mode is returning to League of Legends to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary.

Riot notes that this is a one time thing and an experiment, as the game mode in its full glory does have an effect on player numbers. However, to pump up players for the big anniversary, Riot is dropping the game mode for a limited time starting on Oct. 28.

Note that this is indeed regular URF, and not its random champion cousin, ARURF. This means you’ll be able to ban out champs and then pick the one you want to play. Riot Games also notes that the quality of life updates that came to ARURF, like the cannon that fires you from base onto the map will still be in URF.

Riot has also tweaked all the champions so nobody should be super broken on URF. That being said, playing against Garen, Sona, and the like will still be irritating, so you should maybe consider banning them out.