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The Ornn shop is gone but his upgraded items aren’t

This way is better for everybody

Riot Games

Ornn’s ability to upgrade certain items and let his teammates do the same was always interesting, but never quite felt right. The upgrades were expensive and it was never clear when the best time to buy an upgrade was, versus simply buying another regular item.

So in hopes of making Ornn’s interactions a little bit more clear, he’s getting some changes to the way his upgraded items work. The biggest of these changes: they’re free now. Yep, all Ornn has to do is hit level 13 and his items are automatically upgraded — he can have two upgraded items.

Meanwhile, for his teammates, Ornn has to hit level 14 then he can start upgrading their items as well. For every level Ornn hits from 14 and up he gets one upgrade to use on an upgradable item that a teammate has. All he has to do is get within 600 range of the ally then click on them. Ornn’s allies can only have one upgraded item. It’s not quite clear if the player Ornn clicks on will get to choose which item they upgrade (if they happen to have more than one).

For a full look at all the changes that came with patch 9.1, check out the patch notes.