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New lore hits for Ashe, Tryndamere, Gnar and the Blood Moon

2019 is starting off with lots of new lore

Riot Games

We saw a lot of lore in 2018, and it looks like 2019 will be introducing new stories as well. We’re just into January, but today we received not just news of a new champion, but also new biographies for Ashe, Sivir and Tryndamere. Gnar, the Blood Moon and Ashe also received short stories on the Universe page.

Ashe and Tryndamere have had their backstories cleaned up, which makes sense, as the Warmother series will be delving into their stories heavily. Ashe’s past has been lightly retconned, changing the circumstances under which she takes control of the Avarosan tribe and claims the ice bow that is her signature weapon. Interestingly enough, she has an old friendship with Sejuani that fell apart — we’ll likely find out more about that in the comic series. Tryndamere’s story has been minimally changed and brought in line with Ashe’s, confirming that they are both politically married and legitimately romantically entwined.

We also received a short story that shows Ashe’s approach to leadership, and what her slice of the Freljord looks like under her command.

Sivir also received a biography update, although there isn’t a lot of new information there; this bio simply sums up what we learned about her with the Shurima lore events that took place around Azir and Taliyah’s launches.

Gnar fans are getting a seasonal Snow Day story about the prehistoric yordle. It adds little depth to the world, but it’s a perfectly wholesome read that should warm your heart on this chilly winter afternoon.

Finally, we get an alt-universe story. We’ve seen Star Guardian and High Noon stories before, but today we take a look at the lore of the Blood Moon with a reflection by Sivir. It’s wonderfully creepy and abstract. which is appropriate for this mysterious skin line.

We’ll likely see more lore coming down the pipeline, especially with Sylas about to hit the Public Beta Environment and more issues of Warmother in the works. We’re especially interested to find out more about Sejuani, since a new war is brewing in the Freljord.