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Team Liquid wins 2018 NA LCS Finals for second time in a row

That makes two straight sweeps for the North American champions

Riot Games

Team Liquid has won their second straight NA LCS Championship with another clean sweep of their opponents in the finals. This time the victory came over Cloud9, live at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. This marks the second ever NA LCS Championship for Team Liquid, who faced relegation just one year ago.

During game one of the finals, Team Liquid took a commanding early lead, but Cloud9 managed a brief comeback on the back of two great team fights from ADC Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi. However, TL quickly regained control and managed to close the game out in just 35 minutes.

In the second match, Liquid’s lead was even more commanding leading up to a 6,000 gold lead at just 20 minutes. From there, things only got better for Team Liquid, as this game lasted slightly shorter than the first.

In the last match of the series, Cloud9 had a promising start with two early dragons. However, Team Liquid proved the better team in a game that basically saw both teams running into each other in mid several times in a row.

This marks an impressive finale for Team Liquid’s 2018 season, which started out with a massive series of roster moves. Most notably, the addition of one of North America’s most highly regarded players, ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. Peng has likely been the NA LCS’s best ADC throughout all of 2018, but his Summer Split was particularly impressive earning him an MVP award for the split.

This win automatically qualifies Team Liquid for the 2018 World Championships as North America’s number one seed. This win also qualifies 100 Thieves as North America’s second seed, thanks to the number of championships points the team has acquired.