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Doublelift is the NA LCS 2018 Summer Split MVP

This is the first career MVP win for Doublelift

Riot Games

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has won the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split award for most valuable player, Riot announced during Saturday’s third place match in Oakland, California.

The award, which is voted on by various members of the League of Legends competitive community including media, broadcasters, coaches and players, is award to the player deemed to have played the most pivotal role in their team’s success over the split. In the case of Peng, that argument isn’t hard to make.

Along with helping his team to a first place finish during the regular season, Peng proved himself, once again, as North America’s premier ADC player. During the regular season, Peng also averaged the highest kills per game, tied with Cody Sun at 4.3, and the lowest deaths per game at just under one per match. Perhaps most impressive though, is the fact that Peng managed an almost 900 gold lead over his opponents at 15 minutes, providing Team Liquid with a massive advantage in nearly every match.

This is Peng’s first ever MVP award, despite being widely considered one of North America’s best players for the better part of six years.

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