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20 things I’ve teleported to, ranked

From Zac’s passive to a very angry Tibbers, here are my favorite and least favorite things to TP to in League

Riot Games

As a top laner for the past few seasons, it feels like all I’ve done is laned for ages and teleported to things. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve TP’d to almost everything you can in this forsaken game that I still love. But now, TP has been nerfed, and Ignite is fashionable in the top lane again (even a TP diehard like myself has eschewed it).

In memory of TP’s dominance, here are some of my favorite and least favorite things to TP to.

  1. Zac’s passive
  2. Thresh lantern
  3. The Soaz
  4. Rek’Sai tunnels
  5. My own damn Illaoi tentacles
  6. Elise spiderlings
  7. A well-placed ward (lol good joke)
  8. On top of your teammate’s TP
  9. Zyra seeds
  10. A minion
  11. Nidalee/Jhin traps
  12. Teemo mushrooms
  13. Malzahar voidlings
  14. Zyra plants
  15. Another minion
  16. Heimer turrets
  17. Jarvan’s flag
  18. A poorly-placed ward
  19. A tower to get back to lane
  20. Tibbers

There are others I’ve left out, but it’s only because I don’t care about them and definitely not because I forgot. Please tell me your favorite and least favorite TP experiences in the comments!