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High Noon Urgot, Thresh and Lucian make the West more wild

Looks like somebody made a deal with the devil

Riot Games

The new set of High Noon skins were teased on Monday, but now we’re seeing the full reveal. Urgot, Thresh and Lucian are getting the skins this time around, with a devilish twist.

The three High Noon skins we’ve seen before for Yasuo, Jhin and Twisted Fate had more of a playful cowboy style, as opposed to this dark and demon-y one. Something tells us there’s a story here between why Lucian is fiery and corrupted looking, since Thresh is also in this skin line.

High Noon Urgot

Riot Games

This is Urgot’s first skin since his rework and his fourth skin overall. His last skin, Battlecast Urgot, released a whopping six years ago in March 2012. Congrats, Urgot. You deserve this.

High Noon Urgot is currently priced at 1350 on the PBE.

High Noon Lucian

Riot Games

This is Lucian’s fifth skin, with his last before this being Heartseeker Lucian in February 2017.

High Noon Lucian is currently priced at 1820 on the PBE.

High Noon Thresh

Riot Games

This is Thresh’s sixth skin, with his last being Dark Star Thresh in June 2016.

High Noon Thresh is currently priced at 1350 on the PBE.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.