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Piglet returns to the LCS as the new ADC for Clutch Gaming

Many Academy players are making the swap to starting spots on the Clutch roster

Piglet with his former team, Team Liquid
Riot Games

Former World Champion and long time NA LCS ADC Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin will return to the league as the new starting ADC for Clutch Gaming, the team announced on Twitter Friday afternoon.

Originally coming over to North America from SK telecom T1 just a year after the team’s World Championship win, Chae has been in North America since the winter of 2014. He played first for Team Curse, which would become Team Liquid, and remained with Liquid as either a starter, benched player or Academy team member for a little over three years.

In January of 2018, Chae was traded to Clutch Gaming and joined their Academy roster. Chae has been performing well in the Academy League over the last several months, and has even helped the academy roster to a positive 7-6 record so far this Summer Split.

Chae will be taking over for ADC Apollo Price, who will presumably be moved to the Academy roster. Joining Chae on the starting roster will also be Academy League teammates, Galen “Moon” Holgate in the jungle and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme at support.

While these changes will take effect for this week’s games, they are by no means permanent and we could see swaps back to the other players as soon as Sunday. However, with Clutch Gaming sitting near the bottom of the NA LCS standings at a 4-6 record, it’s clear that some kind of change was needed and bringing in a few Academy players might be the perfect solution.