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New Ryze cinematic shows what it takes to protect Runeterra

And doing that is a little easier with friends

Riot has released a new cinematic featuring Ryze, to go with the rest of his lore update. The video shows Ryze going about his daily routine: finding runes, fighting for them to stay safe and locking them away from harm.

While it was expected to be a bit of a solo-cinematic, Ryze is accompanied by several characters as he fights throughout several parts of Runeterra. He fights alongside Miss Fortune, Sona, Nasus and against Trundle. Most of the enemies he’s fighting against aren’t really identifiable as anyone we specifically know, but we can assume they’re folks looking for sources of power.

To commemorate the cinematic, a limited edition icon and ward skin has been released in the game, only obtainable through a mission. The missions is called “Call to Power” and you have to either play a game as, with or against Ryze, Miss Fortune, Sona, Nasus or Trundle or play three games where you placed a Control Ward. Note that you don’t have to win these games, so it should be easy free loot.