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Check out this detailed and interactive map of Runeterra

This is where everything was supposed to go

Riot Games

Riot has released a huge interactive map of Runeterra, showing off where all the factions and city-states are, how big they are and tons of other information.

Clicking and zooming in on the areas brings up a better look at the factions, along with more information. Some smaller areas have buttons to click to reveal even more. If you’ve always wanted to write some in-depth League fan-fiction, this is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

Some areas, like Zaun and Piltover, even have sections on the types of citizens that live there, looks at their technology in detail and examples of buildings.

My personal favorite is the section for each faction that says “attitude towards magic” and how all the different areas treat it. That alone pretty much sums up all the different areas in a simple way. Demacia denies magic, Piltover commodifies it and Bilgewater employs it.

Bandle City probably isn’t in the middle of the ocean, right?
Riot Games

Bandle City also seems to shift around on the map, sometimes appearing in the middle of the ocean, in Shurima or in other locations. This is to allude to the fact that nobody quite knows how to find Bandle City. It’s a mysterious land to everyone.

There are a few islands on the map that don’t belong to any faction and seem pretty empty. Maybe we’ll see stuff there in the future, but for now, we’re pretty blown away by this map.

To tie into this map, there are a handful of missions that give you icons that represent the factions as rewards. You essentially just have to win as, with or against champions from that faction to get the icon, but they aren’t all unlocked at once. For completing them all, you get a Runeterra map icon.