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Riot is adding three new teams to the European Regional Leagues

This will help a few more teams get a chance to go to the European Masters tournament

Riot Games

As part of its ongoing goal to grow the European region, Riot has added three new leagues to the European Regional Leagues: the Baltic National Esports League, Benelux Premier League and LGC Greece.

These three new leagues represent regions of Europe that didn't previously have their own leagues, but will now tie directly into Riot’s larger European infrastructure. The Baltic National Esports League will cover the Baltic region, the BeNeLux Premier League will cover Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, while LGC Greece will, of course, take on teams from Greece and Cyprus.

Each of these three leagues has been created with the help of Riot as a well as a partner from those regions. These three new leagues will join the 10 regional leagues that Riot already had participating in the ERL. Each regional league will pit its teams against each other throughout the regular season before sending the top finishers on to the European Masters tournament where they will battle it out to determine which teams are Europe’s regional best.