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The Bilgewater lore update includes an audio drama

So much stuff to read ... and to listen to ... and to look at

Bilgewater Riot Games

Pyke finally showed up on Summoners Rift today, and he brought a tidal wave of lore with him. In addition to his own bio and short story — called Then, Teeth — we’ve also gotten a boatload of Bilgewater lore.

Miss Fortune fans will be stoked to know that she gets her own short story called Down Among the Dead Men, which is very pirate-y indeed. Nautilus, Fizz, and Tahm Kench also had their dated bios updated. If you finish those and are still in a reading mood, there are hours worth of materials on Bilgewater with Shadow and Fortune and Burning Tides.

The most surprising aspect of this lore dump is something we haven’t seen from Riot’s lore team before: an audio drama. Yeah, just like that thing they used to do on radios in the 50s. But instead of War of the Worlds, it’s pirates and sea monsters. The drama is called Legends of Bilgewater: Tale Tales of the Deep Sea and comes in six parts.

For more on Bilgewater — including some totally neat-o art — check out the League of Legends Universe page.