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Dark Waters Diana and Vladimir are League’s new fashionable skins

“Who are you wearing this year, Vladimir?”

Riot Games

Vladimir and Diana are both getting new skins and they both look regal as hell.

The skins seem to spot a dark (and maybe evil) motif, which isn’t out of the ordinary for either of the two champions. We’d love to see Dark Waters Diana face off against an Atlantean Syndra.

Both skins looks fancy and include the usual good stuff (special particles, sound effects and the like), as well as special voice over effects to make things sound watery! They’re both tentatively priced at 1350 RP.

Dark Waters Diana

Riot Games via Surrender@20
Riot Games

This is Diana’s fifth skin, with her last being Blood Moon Diana in February 2017.

Dark Waters Vladimir

Riot Games via Surrender@20
Riot games

This is Vladimir’s eighth skin, with his last being Academy in August 2015. Vladimir was on the list of champions who desperately need a new skin and are getting one this year. (Only Amumu, Heimerdinger and Aurelion Sol remain on said list.)

These skins will be available for testing in the patch 8.11 Public Beta Environment cycle and should move to live after that.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.