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What splash art are we using as our profile backgrounds?

These are unsurprising answers

The ability to change your profile background is officially up in North America. This means you can pretty much use whatever champion splash art you want, as long as you own the skin and champion.

What are we setting as our backgrounds, you ask? Well ...

Julia Lee/Polygon


I’m a Soraka one-trick so obviously I have to make it Star Guardian Soraka. It’s the most on-brand thing I could possibly do. I love magical girls, I love Soraka. These are pretty much the only facts any Rift Herald reader should actually know about me. I’m also one Gemstone away from finally unlocking Soulstealer Vayne, so once I do that, I’ll probably set my background to her for a long time. I kind of want to flaunt the fact that I own that skin as a status symbol. That’d make me seem like a baller.

Julia Lee/Polygon


My brother bought me Mecha Zero Sion when the skin first came out years ago, and it’s what cemented my decision to be a Sion main. Before getting that skin, I played a lot of different positions and champions, but Mecha Zero Sion was just too freaking cool to play much of anything else. Fast forward a few years later, and Sion is by far my most played champ, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t played with a non-Mecha Zero skin since. This was a very easy choice for me!


As my co-workers have clearly displayed, there are a lot of good options here ... PSYCH! Zac is the only good answer. Zac is a very good boy and my very best friend. He also has one of the best base splash arts in the game. He’s both cute and handsome, perfect for any situation. When you roll with a Zac splash, people know that you’re kind, but also kind of gross so they should love you alone. That’s the vibe I strive to give off every time I meet someone new. So, base Zac for life.


I am aggressively slamming my fists against my desk and chanting: QUINN, QUINN, QUINN, QUINN, QUINN. After Quinn’s rework, Riot has kind of forgotten her. They’ve acknowledged she needs more changes, but they aren’t ready to get to her. I haven’t forgotten. I just gently trail my fingers against my monitor, gazing into her eyes. And Valor’s eyes. The important thing about one-tricking an obscure champion is that it makes you better than everyone else and you have to flaunt it at all times, so I choose Quinn. Base Quinn, to be twice as unique.