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Fnatic are the EU LCS champions for the 2018 Spring Split after sweeping G2 Esports

Rekkles wins series MVP as Fnatic takes its 6th EU LCS title

Riot Games

Fnatic have won the EU LCS Spring Split Finals in a 3-0 victory over rivals G2 Esports. Fnatic AD Carry, Martin “Rekkles” Larrson won the finals MVP award after a dominant performance in all three of the team’s victories. Larrson also won the 2018 Spring Split MVP for the EU LCS regular season.

The first game of the series was almost entirely taken over by Larrson who ended the match with a 10/0/5 scoreline. In game two, Larrson once again played a huge role in the Fnatic victory, but with a lot of set up help from mid laner Rasmus “Caps” Winther, who managed to completely shut down G2 while playing Zoe. In the final and shortest game of the three, Fnatic made it clear just how strong they were, holding G2 to just three towers in the 30 minute win.

This is Fnatic’s sixth EU LCS split title and their first since 2016. Both G2 and Fnatic will represent Europe in the Rift Rivals tournament later this year.