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Origen potentially hints at FORG1VEN’s return to competitive play in Instagram story

We can’t confirm it for sure, but this theory seems solid.

After three announcements so far, Origen has finally hinted at the bottom lane for their brand new roster, and it may include a familiar face.

The hint came in the form of an Instagram story post from Origen on Friday afternoon that showed two puppets, one blond, and one with brown hair and glasses, who seemed to be cowering in fear of a dragon. Along with this image were a series of differently colored numbers.

While the post itself doesn’t mean much, Reddit user Raconco15 discovered that the numbers themselves are actually coordinates that lead to the Musée de l’Armée in Paris. This just so happens to be the final resting place of Napoleon Bonaparte. According to Raconco15’s theory, this could be pointing towards the EU LCS return of Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou one of Europe’s most infamous AD Carry players.

Tzortziou actually retweeted an old Tweet from Origen that originally announced his position on the team back in 2016, but he could just be messing with us and playing into this joke.

While this theory does seem to have quite a bit of evidence backing it up, we’ll have to wait for Origen’s official announcement to know for sure.