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Froggen to return to Europe as Origen mid laner

The bird man is back!

Riot Games

Henrik “Froggen” Hansen is back to playing in Europe as the mid laner for Origen, according to a tweet from the Origen Twitter account on Thursday.

Hansen is a well-known mid laner and Anivia player, who played for Echo Fox in 2017, Elements in 2015, and Alliance in 2014. He is cemented as one of the most iconic European mid laners, though he took a break from competitive play during the 2018 Spring Split.

Origen was eliminated from the EU LCS after Spring 2017 and was relegated to the Challenger Series. The team has been MIA since the Challenger Series 2017 Summer Split, but plans on returning to play in the European Masters, a series that is region-based and replaced the Challenger Series.

Legendary Lee Sin player and jungler Choi “inSec” In-seok has also been recruited for Origen, alongside Ki “Expect” Dae-ha formerly of G2 Esports. The rest of the roster has yet to be announced, but should be soon via the organization’s Twitter page.