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Riven and Yasuo have a new story together (update)

Lonely friends, high-five!

Riot Games

If you’ve been in need of some edgy League lore from the two saddest, loneliest, one-trick champs in all the land, boy, has Riot got you covered. Riven and Yasuo have teamed up for a short story on the LoL Universe site.

The art is gorgeous, as you would expect, and the comic features the two AD champs chattin’ over a farm. But keen observers will notice that this story isn’t just called “Confession of a Broken Blade.” Oh no. It’s called “Confession of a Broken Blade: Part 1.” And a Part I usually comes along nicely with a Part II.

The short story itself is an 11-minute read and is finished off with a rather ominous “their story continues tomorrow.” While Part I is a short story, it seems like Part II could be a comic.

Both Riven and Yasuo now have a comic as part of their origins pages. These could be one offs, or they could be showing off some new art for Tuesday. Only time will tell.

Update 4/24/18:

Part II of “Confession of a Broken Blade” is now out on the League of Legends Universe site. Like the Part I, Part II is a short story. Check out the conclusion to Yasuo and Riven’s joint story here.