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Golden Guardians announce changes for Summer Split roster

Hai will not be on the starting roster anymore.

Riot Games

The Spring Split wasn’t a great for the Golden Guardians. In the team’s first split in the NA LCS, they went just 4-14 and finished in last place. In hopes of turning things around for the summer, the Golden Guardians announced the brand new roster moves that they are making ahead to help finish their first ever season in the NA LCS strong.

The first and likely most important move on the team is the replacement of mid laner Hai Lam on the starting roster. While Lam is one of the most experienced players in North America, his mid lane play wasn’t exactly a highlight of the Spring Split, often losing matchups to stronger opponents. Lam’s replacement is former Team Liquid and Liquid Academy player Son “Mickey” Young-min.

Son is an experience South Korean player who has competed in both the LCK and the North American LCS in the past. In his most recent split, Son helped take Team Liquid Academy to a first place finish in the NA Academy League Spring Split regular season, as well as a semifinal appearance during the playoffs.

Also notable is the fact that the Golden Guardians interim coach, Tyler Perron, will be officially moved to the head coaching job. Also joining the team as a coach is former Golden Guardians Academy support player Alex “Xpecial” Chu, who will be replaced on the Academy roster by Jamie “Sheep” Gallagher. Other additions to the Academy roster are former OpTic Gaming top laner Derek “Zig” Shao and AD carry Benjamin “Benji” deMunck, who previous played for Team Dignitas in 2017 under the name LOD.