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Mike Yeung attributes part of his esports success to MapleStory

He’s probably not the only one.

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Many gamers started out on the 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, MapleStory. It was a simpler time and for many, the first MMORPG they’ve ever played, since the game was free. TSM jungler Mike Yeung is no exception.

Tuesday evening, Yeung posted on the MapleStory subreddit, saying what the game meant to him and how it influenced his career.

Hey I wanted to share my passion for this game since I was reminded of MS today. I started playing maplestory when I was only a kid under the name greenmike and I remember having such a fun time interacting with people, making new friends, doing party quests, going to the free market and leveling up. Today I’m currently a pro gamer for TSM playing league of legends as a full time career. Looking back maplestory is one of the games that led me to being passionate about gaming and to become a professional gamer.

Thank you for being an awesome community!

Edit: I’ll start playing a little bit again add me on scania: MikesYeung :)

Yeung recalls the fun times had with the community in MapleStory, as well as the drive it instilled in him to continue to pursue gaming. How wholesome!

This isn’t the first time a pro has talked about the classic game. Team Liquid midlaner Eugene “Pobelter” Park tweeted about playing the game again (jokingly or not) in 2017 and we’re positive that more League pros have played.