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Karma’s updated lore is getting ‘improved’

The team isn’t happy with Karma’s lore update and is actively working to make it better.

Riot Games

Riot Scathelock, one of the lore folks at Riot, took to the Boards yesterday to announce an improvement for Karma’s lore. Those who follow the lore closely probably noticed that Karma recently got her story updated. But many players were disappointed with update in particular and feel as though it’s pretty incomplete.

Scathelock gets candid in this post, letting us all know that there was more originally intended for Karma. The team wanted to tell more, but things fell through and her story ended up not being told in its entirety as intended. To make good on this, the team is currently looking into how to improve her lore. Scathelock wanted to be very clear that they’re not retconning again and just trying to make things better.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Scathelock mentioned that this will not be happening for every champion the community complains about. Just because we don’t like the lore doesn’t mean it’s going to get changed. However, in Karma’s case, the team agrees that more should be done. While Scathelock and friends aren’t absolutely sure when this update will happen, it is actively being worked on.

Stay strong Karma mains, the lore doctors are on their way!