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Team Liquid is celebrating their first ever championship with a charity auction

You could get a signed shirt from your favorite pro.

Just a few days after their first ever NA LCS Championship, Team Liquid announced on Wednesday that they are teaming up with the International Medical Corps. nonprofit organization for a charity auction.

The auction’s center piece is a signed custom shirts that highlight the team’s victory in Miami with the signatures of each of the five Team Liquid starters. Alongside this are five community member shirts from streamers and personalities like Boxbox, Trick2G, Scarra, Phreak, and Lilypichu. Each of the shirts is available through it’s own separate auction page, and all six can be seen in the official announcement post here.

The Team Liquid shirt will be available to be bid on until April 16, and the other shirts’ auctions will close on April 15.

The International Medical Corps. is a nonprofit that works to help provide health services to those impacted by war, natural disaster, and disease. The group is currently working to help those suffering from the hunger crises in Africa and Yemen as well as those impact by the current global refugee crisis.