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LeBlanc disabled on PBE because of 25-second snare bug

Almost as long as Morgana’s Q!

Riot Games

In case you didn’t hear, LeBlanc is being reverted. The recent Public Beta Environment change had a hilarious typo suggesting that her E stun would now last a full 25 seconds.

Well, somehow this wasn’t just a typo in the patch notes. Somehow, a 25 second version of Ethereal Chains made it onto the client.


If you don’t believe us, take a second and watch the video below.

As you can see, her AP scaling also seems to be a bit ... off at the moment, letting LeBlanc do some weird things like solo Baron with a single spell. Unless Riot has a new vision for League of Legends as a whole, these changes seem pretty accidental.

LeBlanc is now disabled on the PBE, so you cant try these fun new “features” for yourself. Thankfully, this video will live on as super weird proof of that one time where LeBlanc could perma stun an entire team.

Isn’t League of Legends the best?