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Gun Goddess Miss Fortune skin review

It’s not the best skin, but it still feels amazing to use.

Riot Games

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is the fifth Ultimate skin Riot Games has released, following Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, DJ Sona, and Elementalist Lux.

The skin comes with four different forms: Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Royal Arms, and Starswarm. You’re able to toggle through the skins whenever you’re at the fountain through a special UI.


The skin costs around $20 and is 2775 Riot Points for just the base skin. The RP price is cheaper than the other Ultimate skins, which cost 3250 RP each. The base skin does, as usual, come with a set of Summoner Icons you can use to show off your love for GGMF.

The big question when it comes to these pricy skins is: Is it worth it? Should I be spending $20 on a cosmetic in a game?

I’m here to hopefully answer this question.


Gun Goddess is a pretty sweet theme, though the name is a bit corny. Miss Fortune is equipped with some heavy artillery while in a sexy, skin-tight suit that seems pretty on-brand for her.

The color combinations used for most of the models aren’t the most exciting, but they fit the theme. The regal gold and silver used for Royal Arms and the purple and red used for Starswarm make those forms my favorite.

Riot Games

Each form has different gun models and a different colored suit, though the suit doesn’t change much, outside of the colors.


The model itself isn’t super cool. It almost feels plain in comparison to past Ultimate skins, though the amount of work put forward in the gun designs is nice. The highlight of this skin definitely isn’t the different forms’ models, the way it was for Elementalist Lux.

Outside of the guns changing, it seems like nothing on Miss Fortune actually changes. The bodysuit changes colors, but there’s nothing noticeable about it, especially when running around in game.


This is what makes Gun Goddess Miss Fortune so good. Each skin has different particles and, boy, are they nice. The particles look pretty similar, though the auto-attack have different colors. When using Make it Rain and Bullet Time, the difference in particles really shines through.

Something about the colors and the way the particles look when fired captures the essence of the different forms. The Royal Arms Bullet Time made me feel like a queen on top of the world and the Starswarm Bullet Time made me feel like I was firing space itself from a cannon.


Each glowing skin isn’t super different between forms, but it feels different from any other skin Miss Fortune has had in the past.


The skin comes with Miss Fortune lines exclusive for the skin, in addition to voice lines for the A.I in her exosuit. With over 18 minutes of dialogue, there are interactive lines to specific champions, expanding on the lore in the Gun Goddess universe. You will rarely hear these special voice lines during the game, though. Each different form also has a different set of sound effects, which again, aren’t the most noticeable while you’re duking it out in a teamfight, but still pretty neat.

The metallic sounds from the Royal Arms form and the spacey sounds in the Starswarm form are both very satisfying. The other two skin forms didn’t particularly stand out when it came to sounds.


If the mech-like theme isn’t for you, this skin is definitely passable. The models aren’t the best, but the sound and particles make it worth it in the end. Most of the fine details of the skin go unnoticed when you’re on the field of justice, but there’s something about this skin that is pretty baller. Using it made me feel like a boss and the Rift was my stomping ground. I’ll definitely switch this into my Miss Fortune skin rotation, between Arcade and Star Guardian, though I’ll probably only use Starswarm.

Rift Herald Skin Score: 6 out of 10

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune was reviewed using a skin code provided by Riot Games. You can find additional information about Polygon’s ethics policy here.


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