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League of Legends voice chat is now live in NA

Please do not sing k-pop into the microphone.

Riot Games

After much anticipation, voice chat is now live in North America in League of Legends.

Keep in mind that the voice chat is for premade parties only, so you won’t be able to chat it up with your randomly assigned teammates. You can however, invite them to your premade party after the game ends to join you in a round two. From there, you can talk to them as much as you want in chat. This also works with the open party system. Any people you queue with will be in your voice chat!

Voice chat is also on by default, so if you want to turn it off, you’ll have to do so manually in your settings.

You can also disable voice activity and use push to talk instead, as well as tweak the voice activity sensitivity. Remember to set your audio settings in a way that doesn’t inconvenience your teammates. Nobody wants to hear your mom telling you to clean your room or your neighbor’s dog barking!