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Ahri’s A New Dawn figure re-enters the League store after a revamp

Over two years later, Ahri’s statue is back and has a release date.

Riot Games

In December 2015, Riot Games announced an Ahri statue based off her A New Dawn cinematic appearance. The statue was criticized by fans, who thought the anatomy was off, the orb was too plain, and her face didn’t match the Ahri from the cinematic (or the in-game model). Riot Games pulled the figure and promised a revamped, better version for fans to purchase. Now, in March 2018, the new figure has a release date.

The new statue seems similar to the original pose and intent of its predecessor, but the face and neck have been improved in accordance with fan feedback. The original figure, shown below, had heavy eye makeup, slightly more muted colors, and different face proportions than we’re used to from Ahri.

Riot Games

If fans are interested in the new statue, they should probably get ready to purchase it as soon as possible—the figure has a limited run, with 550 being available in both North America and Europe. The price is as of yet unknown, and the Rift Herald will update this post as more details are announced.