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Learning to play with a random support

The AD curse is hard to avoid.

We’ve all been the bot laner that walks into lane with their fresh faced, rando Alistar only for them to flash in, get overaggressive and burn in the ashes of First Blood. Then again, we’ve all been the Bard that watches their level one Vayne tumble under the enemy tower. Bot lane is hard, OK?

Well, this week on Exit, we’re going to talk a b it about how to deal with randoms from the ADC side of things.

Step 1: If your rando picks Alistar, dodge.

OK, not really, but man ... Alistar players are the worst. The problem with Alistar is the problem with a lot of supports who randomly hook up with you. They get too aggressive too quickly. The key to winning bot lane is seizing moments. Depending on the champion you picked and the lane your up against, there can be a lot of small victories or one very big one.

The problem is when you get Mr. “You mess with the bull and you get the horns” runnin’ into a full minion wave to harass a Janna lane and just ... no man, come on. As an ADC, you have to know when you can fight. Turns out, when you’re down an item or there’s a full minion wave in front of you, you’re at a disadvantage. Bot lane is hard because the decisions aren’t yours alone. You’re lane can be made harder or easier by your support. More often than not, it’s the first one in solo que.

The first thing you want to do once you get in lane is watch your support. You can usually tell how things will play out within the first few minutes. If you got yourself a good one that seems to be weaving poke and positioning in between waves an when the moment is right, play hard and try and snowball your matchmaking advantage.

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There are two other alternatives here. Maybe you’ll get a good one but the matchup is horrible. That’s fine, let you’re support do their thing and look for a solid opening. If you get a mediocre support or god forbid a bad one (let’s call them “Alistars” from now on), put on the brakes and chill. Farm your little heart out and be the safest, most boringest ADC you can. If your jungler ganks, maybe, MAYBE poke your head out and get some damage in if you can. But don’t you miss that farm, it’s far more important than anything else.

A bad support can put you way behind in your lane. Don’t let that happen to you. Don’t live by the “I’ll play with the team, no matter what” mentality. Get that shit out of your head. You’re the ADC dammit, and you’re gonna put everyone on your back and carry them to glory.

Seriously though, a bot lane with a feeding support is bad. A bot lane where both players are feeding is a lost game. Learn to recognize supports quickly and take safe risks at first. If they prove themselves, feel free to get a bit more dangerous as the game goes on. But never go too hard until a support has shown their own potential. They are an unknown, but you aren’t. You picked ADC because you know you can play in the mid and late game. Ideally, you can get ahead early, but you know your own win conditions.

You have to play with your allies, but that doesn’t mean you have to make their mistakes. Stay safe and stay smart in the bot lane. Don’t lose your cool, keep your farm up, and no lead will be insurmountable.

And forget what I said earlier, Step 1 isn’t a joke.

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